Solar Powered Refrigerated Containers


A. An integrated cold chain infrastructure covering major production areas, processing units and distribution centers consisting of:

    •    Strong fleet of refrigerated transport vehicles to connect the farm level storage facilities, processing units and various distribution centres.

    •    Need to augment cold storage facilities and container handling facilities at major ports as also an air cargo complex for targeting the global market.

B.  A New Model for Marketing Perishables in which small and marginal farmers reap the benefits of the ongoing retail boom.

C.  A Comprehensive and Holistic Quality Systeencompassing all stakeholders involved in the perishable product export chain.

This cold room is built in a standard container with solar power system which is well insulated by PU boards inside. In fact it can be tranported as a container. The cold room can be chiller room or freezer accroding to customer's requirements with different refregeration machinery. 

The range of temperature can be 10 ° C to -35° C.

We manufacture and supply several kinds of Refrigerated Containers, are mainly used for food processing and chemical industries. 

We are producing containerized refrigeration units and containerized freezing room. please contact us if you need any more information.